Surviving to Thriving

Welcome to Surviving to Thriving, our monthly feature where we share the success story of one Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor who touched us with their courage and determination while working with Brain Injury Association of Florida (BIAF) to find their way forward:


Jonathon K's Story: Teamwork Pays Off

Jonathon KJonathon K graduated from the University of West Florida with a major in Parks & Recreation Business Management and a completed internship at Disney. At the time of his injury, he was attending Pensacola State College with the intention of being a large animal veterinarian. He loved working with horses and owned several. He taught riding lessons, entered his horses in shows and was active in his community church. In 1997, Jonathon was riding in the back of a truck that was pulling a horse on a lead rope. The horse spooked and pulled him out of the truck, causing him to strike his head on the truck bed and then the ground. His brain injury left him with significant weakness on his right side, affecting his gait and the use of his right arm and hand, and a minor but noticeable speech problem. Executive function impairments make it difficult for Jonathon to self-assess and make realistic evaluations of his capabilities. Read more


Brendan M Learns How To Get RESULTS


Brendan MPrior to sustaining his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Brendan M. wore many hats: selling commercial real estate, running a closed-circuit television company and refereeing ice hockey games. In his free time he helped his wife, Lori, care for felines in need as part of her volunteer work for a local no- kill animal shelter. In February 2010, Brendan was refereeing a children’s hockey game. He was wearing his helmet but did not have it strapped on properly, and it came off when he Brendan fell backwards, hitting his head on the ice. Neither Brendan nor Lori could possibly have imagined how much that fall would change their lives. Read more

Alex H's Path to Recovery

Alex HIn 2007 at the age of 23, Alex H. was working full time as an auto mechanic when he fell out of a moving truck on I-95 and was hit by at least two cars. Alex was taken to Delray Medical Center for immediate emergency assistance to save his life. He was in a coma for 42 days and, upon waking, had lost his memory along with his ability to walk, talk and use his hands as the result of a devastating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). After several grueling months of physical, speech and occupational therapy, Alex was sent home. Read more


Joan P Beat Death's Door Before it Slammed Shut

Joan PPrior to sustaining a TBI, Joan P. was one of only two women working on a 12-person crew in the Florida City of Palmetto as an Asphalt Road Paver/Heavy Equipment Operator. Additionally, she was attending college in the evening; her course of study was horticulture. Joan sustained a TBI as the result of a horrific motorcycle accident on August 23, 2009. Once vibrant and energetic, she now lay eerily still in a hospital bed, closely monitored by beeping machines and tubes covering most of her body. Her family, friends and coworkers were told there was nothing else to be done. Read more


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