Be The Voice Of Brain Injury


Legislators must know that people with brain injuries live in their communities. We encourage you to call or visit your local legislators now and throughout the year. It is important for them to know that survivors of brain injuries and their families are voters and constituents.

You can contact your legislator by visiting, phone, fax or letter. When you do, always provide your name and ask for the person who handles appropriations or funding matters. Be sure you get that person’s name. Tell them whether you are a survivor of traumatic brain injury, a family member or professional. Let them know that Brain Injury Association of Florida is the only organization providing the support necessary to keep Florida citizens with brain injuries out of costly nursing homes, jails, and mental health facilities. Thank them for preserving brain injury funding and thank them for listening. Be sure to include where you can be reached. Keep your call to less than five minutes.

To find your State Representative on the web, go to and enter your zip code in the box on the left side of the page. For your Senator go to and do the same. Or just call our Help Line at 800-992-3442 and we’ll direct you. And if you haven’t joined, please do now.


Brain Injury Association of Florida (BIAF) does not have an official volunteer program for those who wish to be involved and only individuals designated by BIAF Board of Directors are allowed to serve as spokepersons. However, each individual’s effort counts in helping BIAF (a) develop local resources, (b) evaluate and improve BIAF programs, and (c) give support and encouragement to others.

The following activities are ways you can help support BIAF:

  • Become a member of Brain Injury Association of Florida and learn about the various issues and activities through our newsletters.
  • Participate in a local support group to get and give encouragement to others.
  • Obtain 5-10 brochures from BIAF and give them to friends and acquaintances whom you feel might be interested.
  • Make an appointment with your local legislators to describe how Traumatic Brain Injury affects your life and any problems you are having.
  • Make a point to be friendly with someone who is struggling with TBI. Encourage him/her to call BIAF Helpline at 1-800-992-3442.
  • Attend the Survivors Jamboree and Family Forum.
  • Assist in prevention efforts by contacting the local office of Safe Kids Coalition and/or Epilepsy Association and participating in their events and activities.
  • Go to Brain Injury Association of America website at and learn two or three statistical facts about TBI that you can share with others when the opportunity arises.

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